v6.13 Release Notes

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on Aug 11, 2021


  • Facility Users will notice that the Companies icon in your left panel has been updated to Companies and Sites, so that you're able to search both lists. You can also search the sites list using an External ID.
  • Characteristic Waste Codes no longer require a value to be entered into the PPM box in order to add another code.
  • We added a manual entry option for the Shipping Description if the DOT Hazardous Waste builder doesn't give you all of the information you need.
  • You're now able to add multiple Hazard Classes in the DOT Hazardous Waste builder.
  • You can now search by a Site External ID when adding a Site to a Waste Stream (The Company must be selected first).


  • Texas EPA IDs were causing an error when saving Sites, so we made sure that wouldn't be a problem anymore.
  • Client requests for existing Companies couldn't be accepted, so we cleared that up.
  • The browser's back button wasn't always taking you to the previous page, so we made sure that was working as expected again.
  • Outbound Site Approver Users were getting an oops error opening the advanced filter in the Waste Stream list view, so we removed the fields that were causing that error.
  • Reapprovals on currently Approved Waste Streams weren't able to be retracted, so we added that in.

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