v6.15 Release Notes

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on Sep 08, 2021

Unlocked Sites Step

We heard from you that you want more of a balance of flexibility with the regulatory controls in Wastebits. With this release, we've added in a little more flexibility and unlocked the sites step of the waste stream, even after it has been approved. Simply follow all of the same retract, edit, and approval workflows that you do now, but you'll be able to access the step to change the Generator, Service Provider, Transporter, and Billing details.

Users List

We heard from you that it can be confusing trying to determine what Company your customer is in without a global customer user list, so with this release we've included just that! Simply click the Users icon on the left panel and you'll now be able to search by name and email, see when the user last logged in, and more!


  • Outbound Site Approvers didn't have a "My Company" button, so we added that in.
  • There were times that list views weren't showing information even though it existed, so we made sure that was working again.

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