In-App Notifications

Depending on your preference, in-app notifications can be a great alternative or addition to email notifications.

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Updated on Jun 08, 2022

You can access your in-app notifications by clicking the bell icon next to your name.

Here, you will find the options to search, sort, view, and filter, making it easier to navigate your notifications.

Customize your view

There are two options for displaying your in-app notifications. Easily toggle between the two to see which one works best for you.

  • Card View
  • List View

    Default Filters

    • Read (Last 30 Days)
    • Unread (Last 30 Days)
    • All (Last 30 Days)

    Advanced Filters

    If you would like more options for filtering your notifications, advanced filters can help with this. You can activate your advanced filters by clicking the blue icon on the far right that displays "Show Advanced Filters" when you hover over it.

    Here you can choose from several notification filter types as well as subtypes. For example, if you are looking to view only notifications around waste stream approvals for a certain location, simply follow these steps:

    1. Choose "Waste Streams" from the notification type dropdown
    2. Select "Waste Stream Approved" from the subcategory
    3. Then add the city, state, or zip to the waste stream filters
    4. Get the specific results you are looking for


    The search bar is present with and without advanced filtering active. Help drill down your results even more by using the search function along with the notification type filters and subfilters for even more specific results.

      **TIP: Searching for a specific category and excluding criteria from your results are simple. Here is how: Simply use an "!" to exclude the data. This would look something like this "ABC Landfill !sludge". This search would render all notifications that have waste streams affiliated with the ABC Landfill, but it will exclude anything related to sludge.

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