v6.17 Release Notes

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Updated on Oct 20, 2021

Bulk Add/Remove Service Providers on Waste Streams

We often get requests from you to add Service Providers to Waste Streams of a newly authorized Client, and with this update we put that ability in your hands! Just follow these few steps:

  1. Navigate to the Company where Waste Streams need updated
  2. Click on the Service Providers tab
    Note: If the Service Provider does not appear in this list, follow these instructions to authorize them.
  3. Once the Service Provider is authorized, you will see new options in the menu to add or remove the Service Provider from Waste Streams.
  4. After selecting to add or remove the Service Provider from Waste Streams, you'll choose which Service Provider Site should be added, as well as which Site's Waste Streams the Service Provider needs added to:

Note: Performing an add or remove will add an activity to all of the Waste Streams that were updated, allowing you to see in the compare view that the Service Provider was added.

Recertified Waste Stream PDF & Print

Previously when an Approved Waste Stream was recertified and submitted for renewal before expiring, there was no way to print a version of the Waste Stream that showed the recertification. With this release, we've included an option in the Actions menu to either view the PDF of the currently approved Waste Stream or of the recertified Waste Stream.

Note: This option will only appear when there is both an actively approved Waste Stream and a recertified Waste Stream pending renewal.

Additions to Certification View

We heard from you that you wanted to see more details in the View Certification on a Waste Stream, so with this release we've included the Generator Name and Address; the Waste Stream name, ID, and external ID; and the Approval Number (if one exists).


  • Read Only users weren't able to easily click into a Site to view its list of Waste Streams, so we got that working.
  • The error wasn't displaying for invalid EPA IDs blocking saving updates to a Site, so we made sure it is showing now.

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