V7.3.0 Release Notes

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Updated on Jul 13, 2022

Approval Form Templates and Approval Number Customization

Approval Form Template

Approval forms can now be customized to fit your company's needs better. Just like our waste stream templates, you now have the capability to add or remove questions in your approval form. We also let you decide if you would like to display the questions on the print view.

Approval Number Customization

We are aware that every company has specific tracking of waste streams all the way down to their approval numbers. That is why we are allowing you to choose from our standard approval number formatting or to choose your own configuration. We know that this will allow you to seamlessly transfer your data from a different application directly to ours.

EPA ID Number and Shipping Name Search

We now give you the ability to search for the EPA Shipping Name when selecting an EPA ID Number. This will make locating an ID Number more efficient for your users.

EPA Shipping Description
EPA Shipping Description


  • Portal admin users can now create a private comment, seen by their company only.

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