V7.3.8 Release Note

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Written by Cyndi Arnold

Updated on Sep 02, 2022

EPA Hazardous / EPA Non-EPA Hazardous Toggle

When you bypass the EPA Hazardous toggle on the Waste Description tab, the Non-EPA Hazardous section will automatically be displayed. You will no longer have to toggle on and off the EPA Hazardous toggle on the Waste Description tab.

Email Notifications Updated

The city and state for the Generator, Billing Site, and Facility are now listed within the notifications.


  • When the unit of measure name was not being filled out in the waste stream but the measurement value was, this was causing the waste stream print view to not display any following information beyond that point.
  • Email notifications were being sent out to users regardless of their notification preferences.
  • Read-Only users were unable to update their approval notifications.
  • When a user already exists in the application and requests access to the application, the user that is trying to approve the request is receiving an error message. Now, when a user requests access to the application after they already have an account, the user approving the request will see a "Pending" status until the new user has logged in.

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