V7.3.14 Release Notes

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Written by Cyndi Arnold

Updated on Oct 11, 2022

DOT Hazardous Subsidiary Classification

If your waste is classified as EPA Hazardous, you can now select multiple hazard classifications. Per our previous workflow, the application will automatically recommend a hazardous class to the user based on the ID Number provided. You can now add as many Subsidiary Hazard Classes as needed for the waste.

EPA Subsidiary Hazardous Class

"Created At" Timestamp Added to Company, Sites, and User Tables

A "Created At" timestamp has been added to the tables located in the company, sites, and users sections. You can now quickly view when an entity was created as well as sort by the creation date by clicking on the two sort arrows next to the heading.

Created At


  • The State ID will now be copied over when updating a generator site that has the same material origin location and choosing to synchronize all associated waste streams.

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