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E-Manifest Solutions

On June 30, 2018 the EPA is establishing a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically. This system, known as “e-Manifest,” will modernize the nation’s cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process while saving valuable time, resources, and dollars for industry and states.

What was formerly a paper-based system is now turning digital, and the benefits are numerous:

  • All around cost savings.
  • Accurate and more timely information on waste shipments.
  • Rapid notification of discrepancies or other problems related to a particular shipment.
  • Creation of a single hub for one-stop reporting of manifest data for use by EPA and states.
  • Increased effectiveness of compliance monitoring of waste shipments by regulators.
  • The potential for integrating manifest reporting with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) biennial reporting process and other federal and state information systems.

EPA’s initial proposal to transition from paper-based to electronic-based reporting occurred in May 2001. After receiving numerous comments, conducting several national stakeholder meetings, and proposing supplemental notices on the subject, the Agency was persuaded that electronic manifesting would produce numerous benefits.

In its current form, the e-Manifest system will still allow submitting a paper manifest by mail, where they will digitize the information for you, albeit with a fee. At launch, the fee schedule for submitting a manifest will be:

  • $4.00 for an electronic manifest (including hybrid)
  • $7.00 for a data file upload of paper manifest data
  • $13.00 for the upload of paper manifest image
  • $20.00 for submission of a paper manifest form by mail

EPA plans to revise the fee schedule every 2 years, which will include higher fees for paper manifests if electronic manifest use does not reach 75% in 4 years. The new fee schedules will not require rulemaking.

Wastebits Can Help

With the EPA’s goal is to eliminate paper manifests after 5 years, Wastebits is prepared to assist companies to prepare and submit e-Manifests in a cost-effective manner. Through a variety of software-based solutions, we can reduce the fees necessary to submit your e-Manifests to the EPA. Contact us today to hear more about these solutions, and how Wastebits can reduce your costs and simplify your submission process.