EPA Integrated

e-Manifest Software & Solutions

Wastebits provides software solutions that integrate with the EPA, providing full compliance with the e-Manifest system. With partially-managed or fully-managed solutions, you WILL save on fees, submit faster, and reduce administrative work.

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Hazardous Manifests & EPA Compliance

Wastebits is helping companies stay ahead of EPA rules & regulations by preparing and submitting e-Manifests to the EPA in a cost-effective manner. Through software-based solutions, Wastebits reduces fees, provides validation, reduces errors, and provides the technology necessary to submit your e-Manifests to the EPA while providing a host of other advantages:

  • Creating administrative efficiencies
  • Improving data quality
  • Simplifying workflow
  • Providing historical insight and reporting

With bulk tools created specifically for e-Manifest processing with the EPA, countless hours of repetitive work are avoided due to a streamlined workflow.

United States EPA
Fee savings over mailing
manifests into the EPA
Fee savings over scanning in
the manifests to the EPA
More Efficient Bulk Processing
tools over EPA direct upload tool
Wastebits Insight Engine

Wastebits' waste stream, manifest, and scalehouse tools are powerful alone—but they’re even better together.

Wastebits is flexible enough to integrate with your current ecosystem, and powerful enough to replace it. With one place to manage your customers, waste data, manifests, and scale tickets—you gain unprecedented insight into your operations and save time switching in and out of different applications.

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Case Studies

“We were struggling with the workload and cost of e-Manifest until we found Wastebits. Their solution allowed us to quickly and efficiently upload manifests to RCRAinfo, while saving substantial time and cost. Their team has been extremely responsive through adoption and beyond.”

–Keith D'Avignon, Yes Energy Management