Signing a Non-Hazardous Manifest

Everything you need to know about signing manifests.

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Updated on Aug 27, 2020

Whether a Facility member, Service Provider, or Generator creates the manifest - the Generator will always sign first! Facilities and Service Providers can Mark a Manifest as Prepared to let the Generator know that it is time to sign.

The manifest must be signed in order - after the Generator signs, the Transporter(s) will follow, then finally the Facility. A Facility member may skip ahead to Marking a Manifest as Received and enter all necessary signatures at any time after the Manifest has been Marked as Prepared.

Note: Any User in the Generator or Service Provider Company on the Manifest is able to sign on behalf of the Generator.

Go to the Manifest to Sign

Click on Sign Manifest

If it is your turn to sign the manifest, a link will appear on the Manifest details page that you can click to sign.

Sign the Manifest

To sign, simply type your name in the signature box, and click Sign Manifest.

Review the Signatures

To review existing signatures and see who has yet to sign the manifest, simply click on the Signatures tab.

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