v5.13 Release Notes

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Updated on Aug 25, 2020

What's New in Wastebits

Here's what's new in Wastebits, coming the week of August 24, 2020

  1. Request a New User Account
  2. Generator Non-Hazardous Manifest Signature Update
  3. Improved Waste Stream Search and Sorting
  4. Other added to Approved Volume Options
  5. Fixes

Request a New User Account

Wastebits has released many tools to enable Facilities to manage their customers Companies, Sites, and Users, but what if a new customer stumbles onto your log-in page without an account? This feature will give those Users an opportunity to request an account right from your Portal log-in page.

Users requesting an account will be asked for:

  1. Their name and contact information
  2. Their company name, address, and type
  3. The disposal Facility location(s) they work with the most often.

Facility Site Operators will receive in-app notifications for the requests, but all other Facility Users can view the list of request in the application via the User Requests icon on the left panel:

To read more about this feature, see our support article here.

Generator Non-Hazardous Manifest Signature Update

Previously in Non-Hazardous Manifesting, Wastebits required that Service Provider Company Users be Authorized individually to have access to sign Manifests on behalf of the Generator. With this update, any users in the Generator or Service Provider Company will have access to sign the Manifest for the Generator Company.

Improved Waste Stream Search and Sorting

We've updated the Waste Stream list view to allow for searching and sorting by any of the columns in the list view to make it easier to find the Waste Streams you're looking for. We plan to roll out this feature to other list views in Wastebits in the future.

Other added to Approved Volume Options

We added an "Other" option to the list of volumes on an approval for the times that the list of options doesn't meet your approval needs.


This is a new section to our release notes where we'll be updating you on any features that weren't working as expected that we implemented fixes for. This week we have a few items to update you on:

  • Links to and from cloned Waste Streams were missing, so we added them back in.
  • You weren't able to archive a Hazardous manifest when it was in the reconciliation status, so we got that working again.
  • Sometimes the Billing Site on a Waste Stream wouldn't clear when the Generator was cleared, so we made sure to clear both at the same time (unless the Billing Site is the Service Provider).

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