V8.3.5 and V8.4.2 Release and New Features

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Updated on Oct 24, 2023

New Features

You asked and we delivered! We have 2 new features for you to take advantage of. If you're interested in taking advantage of either of these, please get in touch with us here:

Reporting Dashboard

All the data you need is now available in our new Reports Dashboard. You can request a customized report that fits your company's business needs.

These reports can include any of this information and more:

  • Specific date ranges
  • Site selections Pin-point metrics
  • Graphs
  • Real-time updates
  • Excel Exports for easy sharing
  • More features are being added regularly...

Language Translation

Do you have a customer base that needs certain language accommodations? We now offer the Wastebits application in most languages.

New RCRA Codes

    • In accordance with RCRA e-Manifest updates, four new EPA codes were added to our e-Manifest system:
      • H042: Thermal desorption removes organic contaminants from soil, sludge or sediment by heating them in a unit called a "thermal desorber" to separate the contaminants.
      • H113: Stabilization to remove hazardous waste characteristics or to achieve delisting levels.
      • H136: Discharge to sewer/POTW (with prior storage - with or without treatment).
      • H137: Discharge with NPDES permit (with prior storage - with or without treatment).


    • Certain primary contact fields in a site creation were displayed with an asterisk, which indicated to the user that they were required when they were not.

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