Case Study:

YES Management, Inc. Leverages Wastebits’ RCRAInfo Integration

The Challenge

Yuma Environmental Services (YES Management, Inc.) is a fully permitted Waste Transfer Facility that focuses on providing simple, cost-effective solutions for a variety of Non-RCRA and Non-Hazardous Waste Streams.

In July of 2018, the Federal EPA went live with a requirement that all hazardous waste manifests be submitted through the RCRAInfo site. The transition to the online database came with hefty fees for manifests submitted via mail or as a scanned image.

Wastebits Provides the Solution

Specialized Partnership

Wastebits is a nationally recognized software development and data analytics company that specializes in cloud-based solutions for the waste industry. By leveraging expertise in software development as well as the waste industry, Wastebits has provided a win-win solution for Yuma Environmental Services' e-Manifest needs.

Direct EPA Integration

Wastebits' e-Manifest solution formats customer's manifest data for the lowest possible fees from the EPA. In addition, Wastebits is able to submit thousands of manifests per day via data + image upload or as scanned image-only files.

Getting the Data Right

Wastebits also provides a thorough review of each manifest for any missing or illegible fields. Through proprietary technology, Wastebits is able to catch mistakes before the manifest is ever sent to the EPA.

The Wastebits e-Manifest Solution:

  • Creates administrative efficiencies
  • Improves data quality
  • Saves fees over working directly with the EPA for similar services
  • Simplifies workflow
  • Provides historical insight and reporting

With bulk tools created specifically for e-Manifest processing with the EPA, countless hours of repetitive work is avoided due to a streamlined workflow.

“We were struggling with the workload and cost of e-Manifest until we found Wastebits. Their solution allowed us to quickly and efficiently upload manifests to RCRAinfo, while saving substantial time and cost. Their team has been extremely responsive through adoption and beyond.” – Keith D'Avignon, Yes Energy Management
Savings over mailing
manifests into the EPA
Savings over scanning in
the manifests to the EPA
More Efficient Bulk Processing
tools over EPA direct upload tool

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