Hybrid e-Manifesting is Finally Here!

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Updated on Oct 27, 2022

Hybrid e-Manifests & EPA/RCRA Integration

In an effort to improve hazardous waste compliance and streamline the e-Manifest process, Wastebits has released a new Hybrid e-Manifest option. This system unlocks a new level of integration with the EPA's RCRAinfo system, providing your business with a more efficient way to manage your hazardous waste—reducing fees required for every manifest. This can save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

Previously, our customers would need to upload a physical scan of a signed manifest, and the Wastebits team of manifest specialists would review and manually enter the data of each manifest into a digital format that the EPA accepts. Now, the data you enter into Wastebits can be submitted directly to the EPA from within the software itself, and a paper manifest will be generated automatically if it needs to be printed, but no more scanning and uploading needs to happen since the primary documentation is now within the system itself.

This new system has the potential to save your business time and money, as you will no longer have to enter data into the EPA's RCRAinfo system manually. In addition, the integration with Wastebits' software will provide your business with real-time updates on the status of your manifests, allowing you to track your waste from pickup to disposal.

Wastebits is committed to providing your business with the most efficient and compliant waste management software and solutions available, and the new hybrid e-Manifest option is just one more way that we are doing that.

How Does Wastebits’ New Hybrid e-Manifest System Work?

Very little has changed from what is seen within the application. Most of the changes are done via the software, behind the scenes in communicating with the EPA and reflecting that communication within Wastebits.

A new dropdown option appears after creating a draft manifest that allows the user to submit to the EPA. Yes, it's that simple!

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 11.11.47

This action sends all of the information to the EPA's RCRAInfo system, where the EPA generates a new manifest with a tracking id. This tracking id is then sent back to Wastebits and is automatically added to the manifest information. The generator can sign the manifest via Wastebits as before, and Wastebits will send out email notifications to each party as required with a button to the place where they can sign the manifest and move the statuses along from Draft to Received at the destination facility.

What Are The Next Steps For Your Business if You're Interested In Using Wastebits' New Hybrid E-Manifest System?

If your business is interested in using Wastebits' new hybrid e-Manifest system, you can contact sales to have this feature unlocked in your account, along with the support needed to get everything connected and running smoothly.

You can also set up a quick demo. View the availability schedule here.

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