Create a Non-Hazardous Manifest for your Client (For Service Providers)

Step-by-step guide to completing a Manifest

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on Jun 30, 2020

Once you have been Authorized to act on behalf of your Generator client, you are now ready to start creating Waste Streams and Manifests on their behalf.

Go to Manifests

Click the Manifests icon

Click Create Non-Haz Manifest


Click Add a Waste


Add the Waste Stream

Use the Existing Waste Stream lookup to find Waste Streams that you have created for your Client or that they have created and added you to. When you select the Waste Stream, you will see your company listed as the Service Provider that was selected at the Waste Stream level.


Continue through the rest of the details on the Manifest form and click Save. This manifest will now be visible to all included Companies.

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