Non-Hazardous Manifest Statuses

What does this manifest status mean? This article will help explain what each status means and how the manifest enters that state.

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Updated on Jul 02, 2019


This is the initial state of the manifest. Once a draft manifest has been saved, all parties on the Manifest are able to view it.


This indicates that the manifest waste information has been completed and is ready for review. Service Providers and Facility Users can use the Actions menu to mark a manifest as prepared, and let their customer know that it is ready for their signature.


Ready for Pickup

This indicates that the manifest has been signed by the Generator and is ready for pickup by the Transporter. Manifests enter the Ready for Pickup state when a Generator digitally signs the Manifest.

In Transit

This indicates that the manifest has been picked up by the Transporter and is on its way to the Waste Facility. Manifests enter the In Transit state when a Transporter digitally signs the Manifest.


This indicates that the Manifest has been received by the Waste Facility. Manifests enter the Received state in one of two ways:

  1. The Manifest is digitally signed by all parties.
  2. A Facility User marks the manifest as received.

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