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    Note: These instructions apply to Facility Users only.

    Navigate to Companies and Create Company

    Click on the Companies icon in the left navigation, then select Create Company.

    Select the Company Type

    The most important step in creating a new customer company is determining what type the company should be. You can select just one type for your company, or it can be two or three types:

    • Generator companies may be added to Waste Streams and Manifests in the Generator section as well as the bill-to.
    • Transporter companies may be added to Manifests in the Transporter section.
    • Service Provider companies may be added to Waste Streams and Manifests for Generator companies that they have been authorized to. They may also be added as a bill-to company.

    Note: You will no longer be able to edit the type of a Company after you add sites, users, waste streams, or manifests.

    Fill Out the Form for a New Company

    The form begins the same whether you are creating a Generator or Transporter. However, if you select Transporter, you will be presented with a few other optional fields: EPA ID, State ID, Permit #, and Sludge Transporter ID.

    Complete the form and click Save.

      Next Steps

      Create a Site for New Generators

      When creating a new Generator, it is helpful to create any existing Sites as well. Without Sites, a Generator cannot be added to a Manifest. Follow these instructions to create a Generator Site.

      Create Users

      See the instructions here for how to add users to newly created companies: How to Create a New Customer User Account

      Authorize Service Providers

      See the instructions here for how to authorize newly created Service Providers to their Generator clients: How to Authorize a Service Provider to a Generator Company