Generator Start-Up Guide

Everything you need to know about Non-Hazardous Manifests as a Generator.

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Updated on Aug 27, 2020

Confirm your Account

Generator Users must have their Company created in Wastebits by a member of the Waste Facility who manages their Portal. Send these instructions to your Waste Facility contact if you need to have an account created:

You can follow these instructions to confirm your account once it has been created: How to Confirm a New Account.

Note: If your Company already exists, a user from your own Company may be able to create your account.

Generator Account Types

There are two types of Generator Accounts:

  1. Generator Admins: This user has top-level access to the Generator Company. They can create and edit company details, sites, users, waste streams, and manifests for all sites that exist in the Generator company.
  2. Generator Site Admins: This user has site-specific access to the Generator Company. They can edit company details, and create and edit waste streams and manifests for only sites they are assigned to in the Generator Company.

Create Waste Streams and Manifests

  • Creating a non-profiled Waste Stream allows for easy selection when creating a non-hazardous Manifest. Enter the information once, use it over and over again. If you wish to set up Waste Streams for your customers, follow these instructions to do so: How to Create a Waste Stream
    Note: If you also have the Profiling feature enabled in your portal, you will be able to add applicable Profiled Waste Streams to a Manifest. Read more about this here.
  • Next you can use those Waste Streams to create Manifests: How to Create a Non-Hazardous Manifest

Updating an Existing Waste Stream

The fields you can update on an existing Waste Stream depend on whether it has ever been added to a Manifest or not. To read more about this, see these instructions: Updating an Existing Non-Profiled Waste Stream

Updating an Existing Manifest

The fields you can update on a Manifest depend on its status as well as who has signed the manifest. To read more about this, see these instructions: Updating an Existing Non-Hazardous Manifest

Sign Manifests

You can follow these instructions to sign your manifests: Signing a Non-Hazardous Manifest

A few items to note:

  • If you created the Manifest yourself, you will see the signature link appear after you save your manifest.
  • If a Facility member or Service Provider created the Manifest for you to review and sign, they will Mark it as Prepared to indicate to you that it is ready for you to open and sign. You can filter your Manifest list view by the Prepared status to see these Manifests that are ready to sign.
  • See this article to learn more about Manifest statuses: Non-Hazardous Manifest Statuses

Optional Service Provider Information

Authorizing a Service Provider

If you work with a Service Provider, your Waste Facility contact can help create their company and account and authorize them to work on your behalf. Send your Facility contact these articles as well as the contact information for the Service Provider to get started:

Add Service Providers to Waste Streams and Manifests

Once your Service Provider has been authorized to work on your behalf you are able to add them individually to Waste Streams and Manifests. They will only be able to see and work on items they have created on your behalf or you have specifically provided them access to.


If you have any further questions about your non-hazardous manifest, contact your Waste Facility representative. If you have questions about how to use the Wastebits system, you can contact Wastebits Customer Support via the help tool in the application, or you may reach us via phone at 1-844-724-0200.

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