Facility User Start-Up Guide

Everything you need to know about Non-Hazardous Manifests as a Waste Facility user.

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Updated on Aug 27, 2020

Facility Information

Account Types

There are three types of Facility Accounts for non-hazardous manifesting:

  1. Portal Administrator: These users have top level access to the Facility's Portal.
  2. Site Admin: These users have site-specific access to the Facility's Portal to create and edit only the information for the Facility Sites that they are assigned to.
  3. Site Operator: These users have the same permissions as a Site Admin, except they are not able to edit their own company's details.


  • You may see a Site Uploader role. This pertains to Hazardous Manifesting only.
  • You may see a Site Approver role. This pertains to Profiled Waste Streams only.
  • You may see a Scalehouse Operator role. This pertains to Scale Tickets only.

Facility Site Creation

Facility Sites must be created by Wastebits Customer support. Please contact us if you believe a Facility Site is missing.

Confirm your Account

Facility Users can be created one of two ways:

  • Facility Portal Administrators can create any kind of account to any Company in their branded Wastebits Portal
  • Site Admins can create users for Facility Sites they have access to

You can follow these instructions to confirm your account once it has been created.

Customer Information

Create Companies and Users

The next step after logging in is to create Generator, Service Provider, and Transporter Companies & Users for your customers. The following instructions will assist you on setting up this information:

Authorizing a Service Provider to a Generator Company

Generators are not able to create Service Provider Users or Companies. You as the Facility contact will help manage that for them. These instructions will assist you in setting up Service Providers for your customers:

Resend a Customer's Account Claim Email

After creating an account for your customer, you may wonder whether they have claimed it or logged in to the application. You can check this by going to the user's details page. If they've lost their Account Claim email, you can resend it from here as well. Read more about this here: Check a Customer's Account Status / Resend Welcome Email

Waste Streams

Creating Waste Streams

  • Creating a non-profiled Waste Stream allows for easy selection when creating a non-hazardous Manifest. Enter the information once, use it over and over again. If you wish to set up Waste Streams for your customers, follow these instructions to do so: How to Create a Waste Stream
  • Note: If you also have the Profiling feature enabled in your portal, you will be able to add applicable Profiled Waste Streams to a Manifest. Read more about this here.

Updating an Existing Waste Stream

The fields you can update on an existing Waste Stream depend on whether it has ever been added to a Manifest or not. To read more about this, see these instructions: Updating an Existing Non-Profiled Waste Stream

Adding a Service Provider

You can also add Service Providers to a Waste Stream by following these instructions: Add a Service Provider to a Non-Profiled Waste Stream.

Managing Non-Hazardous Manifests

Creating Manifests

If you wish to set up a Manifest for your customer to sign, follow these instructions to do so: How to Create a Non-Hazardous Manifest. Once you have set up the Manifest and are ready to notify the Generator that it is available for them to sign, you can Mark it as Prepared.

Updating an Existing Manifest

The fields you can update on a Manifest depend on its status as well as who has signed the manifest. To read more about this, see these instructions: Updating an Existing Non-Hazardous Manifest

Manifest Statuses

Read more about what each Manifest status means here: Non-Hazardous Manifest Statuses.

Service Providers

For specific information about adding a Service Provider to a Manifest, see these instructions: Add a Service Provider to a Non-Hazardous Manifest.

Sign Manifests

You can follow these instructions to sign your manifests as well as review existing signatures: Signing a Non-Hazardous Manifest

Mark as Received

While you can create and manage non-hazardous manifests 100% digitally, some users on the manifest may not be able to sign digitally, so the you can enter those signatures through the "Mark as Received" workflow. Read more about this process here: Marking a Non-Hazardous Manifest as Received.


If you have any further questions about your non-hazardous manifest, contact your Waste Facility representative. If you have questions about how to use the Wastebits system, you can contact Wastebits Customer Support via the help tool in the application, or you may reach us via phone at 1-844-724-0200.

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